White Paper

1. Abstract

This document presents Daya and Dhan, a dual token system designed to create a self-rewarding ecosystem. Each token rewards holders with the other upon buy and sell transactions, promoting holding and stability in the market.

2. Introduction

The cryptocurrency world has many tokens, but few offer the rewarding features that Daya and Dhan promise. Our system aims to bring about stability and reward long-term holders, fostering an environment of growth.

3. Problem Statement

Most tokens have little to no incentivization for holding. Traders often buy and sell tokens rapidly, creating price instability. We address this issue with a novel approach of dual rewarding tokens.

4. Our Solution

Daya and Dhan operate in a unique ecosystem where buying or selling one token yields rewards in the other. This symbiotic relationship encourages holders to maintain their investment, thereby reducing market volatility.

5. Tokenomics

5.1. Daya

Daya, the first token in our ecosystem, will have a maximum supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens. A 11% fee will be imposed on every transaction. The fee will be redistributed as follows:

  • 6% as rewards [3% Dhan Token + 3% Doge]
  • 2% towards LP injection
  • 2% is allocated for project development and marketing
  • 1% Transaction fees

5.2. Dhan

Dhan, the second token, has a maximum supply of 500 Trillion. A 14% transaction fee applies, with the following breakdown:

  • 9% as rewards [ 5 % Daya Token + 4% Doge]
  • 2%  towards LP injection
  • 2% is allocated for project development and marketing 
  • 1% Transaction fees

5.3. Why Doge as reward token ?

Leveraging Dogecoin’s popularity and growth potential, we’re enriching our reward system to boost user value in the evolving digital economy.

6. Future Development

We aim to establish partnerships and expand our ecosystem to incorporate real-world utilities for Daya and Dhan, enhancing their value proposition beyond just a rewarding system.

7. Conclusion

Daya and Dhan offer a unique rewarding system where holders are rewarded just by holding. Our project intends to mitigate rapid trading and promote stability, rewarding those who believe in our long-term vision.